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If you need to create landing pages, squeeze pages, membership sites or even a fully blown website on the fly Ten Minute Pages delivers, no need to upload wordpress plugins you simply just add your ftp details to Ten Minute Pages and thats it, you now have a master hub to create and distribute your created pages to your site's. API Auto-responder integration included.

ten minute pages

His name is Kyle Graham, and what you’re looking at is his brand new software that’s going to help you create pain-free marketing pages in just ten minutes.

Using this breakthrough drag-and-drop visual editor that they have been perfecting over the last nine years, you can build high converting squeeze pages, sales pages, one-time offer pages, product launch pages, and more, in just seconds.

So, in just one click, you can add pictures, videos, email opt-ins, guarantee boxes, testimonial boxes, buttons, and more, and publish them live for the world to see in just one click. So, in a nutshell, you can literally launch your next business online in the next ten minutes.

So, if you’ve ever tried to get a squeeze page up, a landing page, you try to add a video or anything technical, you know how frustrating it can be to get your ideas online, not to mention time consuming. So, if you’re not dealing with HTML code, you’re dealing with an overpriced web guy, or you’re messing with those pesky short codes in another plugin that fails to deliver, going back and forth in the design to preview over and over and over again.

Ten Minute Pages Personnel Review

Here is what I consider to be the most valuable features Ten Minute Pages offers me.

  • The ability to create and distribute your work from one location ( Ten Minute Pages dashboard).
  • Easily manipulate designs by a click of a button, simply drag and drop.
  • Hundred’s of template designs.
  • Ultimate package gives you client right’s.
  • Editing images.
  • Online video recording tools
  • Value for money, one price, no monthly residual cost.
  • WordPress plugin
  • pre-coded gadgets ( exit pops, timers etc)
  • Auto-Responder API intergration
  • Speed to create and distribute your work

For me the ability to create work and distribute landing pages is by far the biggest edge this web builder has, what I love about this is that am able to log in to my dashboard and access all my sites from one location, this is why I love this software it just makes life so much more easier.

I would recommend the Ultimate package if you have clients, if its for personnel use the premium package is good enough plus you get the benefits of unlimited personnel site.

ten minute pages review

With Ten Minute Pages, what you see is what you get. Just choose from the collection of beautiful, tested, highly converting marketing templates, type directly on the screen, drag and drop, add in a video or a picture, and click Publish. And that’s it. You’ll be live faster than it takes to even install any of the other products out there.

Kyle Graham has been programming computers since he was eight years old. And ever since the world wide web began, he has been helping people with their online presence. So, literally, for the last eighteen years, he has had a front-row seat to the challenges and frustrations that us marketers face when it comes to their online business, and, right after college he created a web editing software to help solve some of these frustrations.

Like the fact that it’s very hard to outsource marketing jobs to designers and programmers, and like the fact that learning HTML, CSS, short codes, and Javascript is simply not an option for most marketers, making it really tough to finish anything. And the fact that it’s near impossible to succeed online unless you can move very fast and quickly adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. And, since building that software over nine years ago, working closely with over six thousand customers, these are the same frustrations he has seen over and over.

So, over that time, his team and himself have been constantly tweaking, improving, remaking, and evolving that same software to best meet the needs of marketers, and they think they have finally nailed it. And we call it Ten Minute Pages, which is the fastest and easiest way to launch your online business.

What’s Inside Ten Minute Pages

All right, so let’s go ahead, and let’s take a look. Now, as soon as you sign up for Ten Minute Pages, you’re going to immediately have login access to the software. Now, keep in mind, there’s nothing to download, there’s nothing to install, you simply log in through the web, and you’re in. And, once you’re inside, you’ll actually be in a familiar territory because they have leveraged tools and interface elements that you’re more than likely already familiar with, so there’s little to no learning curve. So you can literally build out your business in lightning speed without any roadblocks.

Now, at Ten Minute Pages, they hold a few core beliefs that separate them from everyone on how they create the software that they build. So the first belief is that to get something online, they strongly believe that you should never, ever have to fill out a form, a questionnaire, or anything like that, and hope that the system generates some kind of a website that you like. I believe that, to get something on the page, it should be visual, it should be the way our minds work.

whats inside ten minute pages

So you literally can just type directly on the page, you drag and drop your content exactly where you want it to be, which is exactly how it should be. So, this way, you have the peace of mind, knowing that it will be done the right way the first time without the back-and-forth loop needed with some of these other tools.

Also, they believe that to change the look and feel of something on your site, you should just click on it and make the change, not hunt through a library of short codes, or mess with custom style sheets, source code, or anything like that.

They do not believe in learning curves. In fact, the team at Ten Minute Pages eliminate the learning curves right now. See, Ten Minute Pages is very simple because everything is based on objects. All you need to know is just three things.

  1. Click once on something to change the way it looks or behaves.
  2. Double-click to change the content.
  3. To position something, just click and drag it where you want it to go.

And that’s it. There’s literally nothing left to learn. You literally, right now ,know everything you need to know in Ten Minute Pages. It literally is that simple. Now, this way is much better than WYSIWYG editors, because items are grouped as objects that you literally just drag around the page; whereas with traditional editors like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, even though it appears to be simple, it’s very ,very easy to break things.

All right, so, right now, let me show you what I mean, and let’s go ahead and build a landing page. Now, the worst thing that can happen in online business – and, sadly, this is the case ninety percent of the time – is that you invest all of your time, your money, and your energy to get your ideas online, only to see it all go down the drain with depressing results. Well, with Ten Minute Pages, we didn’t just want to make a great web editor, they wanted to build something that will provide you with great results right out of the box. So, this is why we carefully study and A/B-split test every design before adding it into the system, so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that what you built was designed to succeed.

So take this page, for example. This is an example of a simple page that’s seeing up to seventy percent of its visitors opting in. Now, obviously, that number is going to vary from market to market but by and large, we saw great results, so we added it, and the same thing goes for all of our pages. And as you can see, customizing it is as simple as double-clicking to change the headline and the text we can drag and drop around the page, changing the background, maybe changing the button, and then hooking it up to our auto responder service so that emails can automatically be sent to our subscribers as we build our list.ten minute pages review

Now, before Ten Minute Pages, to hook up a page to an autoresponder service like Sendreach, MailChimp, Aweber, iContact, InfusionSoft, GetResponse or Office Autopilot, you’d have to:

  1. Log onto your auto-responder service.
  2. Set up a list.
  3. Grab some complicated HTML web form code.
  4. You have to paste in that code in a precise location in your page’s HTML.
  5. You’d have to then spend hours customizing the CSS style sheets just to get it to look right, an incredibly frustrating task.

Now, at Ten Minute Pages, they don’t believe in code. So you would just simply select your opt-in area, choose your autoresponder, and let Ten Minute Pages do the work. So Ten Minute Pages securely retrieves your list behind the scenes, and it generates all of the code for you. And even it styles it so that it fits nicely with the high converting themes, all in the blink of an eye. And it doesn’t matter what auto responder you happen to use, because all of the popular ones are supported. And for those less popular services, just paste in the code and Ten Minute Pages will intelligently figure it all out and link it up with your page. It’s as simple as that. So there’s no messing with code, there’s no CSS, there’s no headaches. You just drop down, select your list, and you’re done, saving yourself hours of time and frustration.

All right, so what about going live? How do we get our creations online so that the world can see our business? Now, before Ten Minute Pages, to do this, you’d have to connect to your server via FTP, you’d have to grab the files, drag it over, hope it’s in the right folder, test your pages in  each web browser to make sure it looks right, and then go back and tweak it if it isn’t. Well, with Ten Minute Pages, once a connection is established, going online happens in one click. Just click Publish and your pages are instantly live. They’re sent instantly over to your website, and they automatically work in every browser. And your pages are one hundred percent yours to keep or to tweak further with no internal connections back to us.

So, like I said, the way it should be. And, if you want to track your pages, all you’ve got to do is click the Design tab, drop in your analytics code, your split testing code, or any third party scripts. Simple as that. So now there’s no excuses. There’s nothing holding you back from getting your ideas online. Now, if you’re a beginner, it’s never been easier to get your ideas online with the best chances for success on the first try. If you’re more advanced, you can launch new businesses and offers faster in less time than it takes to write up a project spec for your team to implement. Or, at the very least, you can use it to quickly get that first iteration up, see if your idea’s worth pursuing, and then let your team take it over from there.

Ten Minute Pages Templates

Now, Ten Minute Pages is not just limited to high converting landing pages. You can build sales pages, upsells, downsell pages, thank you pages, so you can deliver your product to your PDFs. You can do one-time offer pages, product launch pages, affiliate pages, webinar pages, responsive mobile pages, Facebook fan pages, and a whole lot more. You can use Ten Minute Pages to quickly build out your entire marketing funnel. And everything is mobile-ready, HTML 5-compliant, it’s designed to work well in Google, and fully compatible with all of the modern web standards. So we handle all of that for you.

ten minute pages landing pages

Now, with Ten Minute Pages they have been showing you so far is the standalone version. So this means that additional products like WordPpress, Joomla or anything like that, none of that is required. You simply log into the software, create your website, and click Publish. And your website will be published live via FTP to your site immediately.

Now if you have a WordPress site and prefer working in that environment, well, you can take advantage of the optional plugin which you can use to access your Ten Minute Pages account right from inside your WordPress Admin screen. Now, once installed, this tiny little plugin is going to give you one hundred percent of the features in Ten Minute Pages. This is because the plugin is just a container for the Ten Minute Pages product that you’ve been seeing all along, except that it works inside of WordPress. So, through the plugin, you’ll have access to the visual editors, the page designs, drag and drop, everything. So, to create a simple video sales page in WordPress, I would just create a new page, and then I would click on the Launch Ten Minute Pages button.

So, now, I can choose a sales page, I can add in a video, and I can use any video player for that because they’re all going to work, and I can use the tools provided to grow my video, shrink my video, add a shadow, a Call To Action button, and I can even delay displaying the button until the time in the video where I start selling my product.

So all of the same features I get with the standalone version, I get with the WordPress plugin, because the plugin is just a simple container for your Ten Minute Pages account. So, with that, I can add testimonial boxes, order boxes, social media comments, even custom HTML code, all in one click of the button, and, once I’m done, I can click save and close, and then I can go ahead and publish the page right from inside of WordPress – all using a plugin that takes only seconds to install and sits nicely alongside your other themes and plugins without interfering or slowing anything down.

This means that you can continue to use your existing themes, plugins, and you don’t have to install a fresh new version of WordPress just to run Ten Minute Pages. So, like I said, exactly the way things should be.

Ten Minute Pages Testimonials

Now before launching Ten Minute Pages, they asked a few experts in our field to dive in and take a look and let us know what they thought. And, with their permission, here’s what a few of them have to say.

John Reese

I’ve just got to say, this is quite the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. This is pretty awesome, and I’m not just BS-ing you.”

This is truly a no-brainer tool that anyone can use. There’s no excuse now for anyone to say, ‘Well, I don’t understand how to do WordPress’ or ‘I don’t understand how to get an autoresponder connected.’ This is really an incredible development. I really think this is going to help so many people finally progress in building their businesses because it saves them time, and, as we all know, time is money. But the fact that it saves them time and it’s easy simply will get people to do it.

I can’t say it enough. This tool is amazing! I’m excited to see what kind of success people start having that use this tool to get rid of all the technology headaches and just focus on that marketing piece.”

Chuck Mullaney of Send Reach

It is so cool, dude, I mean, just wow. We spend so much ridiculous amount of worthless time talking about taking the format of AWeber and putting it in, and just junk that was like speed bumps. But man! This thing is just really cut to the chase now!”

Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, hold it. I don’t have to go into AWeber and play with their HTML and Javascript and copy it back and then try and then try and get it to fit in my site?”

None of that. None of that, what so ever.

I mean, this is so crazy!”

Jon Shugart

This is so awesome. It’s so – you know, what you see is what you get. I’ve seen some page builders, but I’ve never seen one this focused for marketers. I mean, what I love,is you guys have already went through and got the high-performing designs done, from a marketer’s standpoint.”

Mat Gill

I’ve got to say, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in some time. You don’t have to worry about researching and figuring out what works. Go pick one that’s been proven to work, click, drag, type, push button, be online with it.

Shaqir Hussyin

I’m thinking of ways, how do I tell the guy, which I pay over three hundred grand a year: ‘Hmmm, I just found a little piece of software that, you know, I don’t really need to hire you anymore.’

Life Before Ten Minute Pages

Okay, so before Ten Minute Pages, as I’m sure you’ll agree, getting your business online and off the ground was an incredibly hard and frustrating experience, with a neverending supply of technical roadblocks. And the time it takes to get an idea online is just way too long. The cost is way too much, and often we’ve run out of money before our ideas see any profit.

So, with Ten Minute Pages, all of that is literally a thing of the past because you can go from idea to a profitable business in a matter of minutes with little to no learning curve. Now, the moment you sign up for Ten Minute Pages, you’re going to immediately have full access to the Ten Minute Pages product. You’ll quickly have your first site up and running with little to no learning curve. In fact, as soon as you’re in, you’re going to be greeted with a quick overview video of the software, and then, you’ll have access to over two dozen best practice videos and documentations that show you how to maximize your success using the Ten Minute Pages tool.

And also, from time to time, you’ll log in and automatically see cool updates and additions to the software for no additional charge. This means that new landing pages, graphics, add-ons, improvements and more, show up automatically, one hundred percent free of charge. Another thing that you’ll receive is a full year of fanatical support. So in every screen of the Ten Minute Pages product is a Questions button that you can click on to connect to our fanatical support team who are in place solely to help you succeed.

Now, their team follows the marketers you do, we are on the same email list you are, and we understand marketing just like you. And through Ten Minute Pages, we’re there to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. And that is also included in your purchase today. In fact, oftentimes, we’ll even jump in and implement something for you because Ten Minute Pages is so hands on.

What do you get with Ten Minute Pages?

So, here’s a quick summary of what you’ll get when you purchase Ten Minute Pages today. So you’re going to get over a thousand carefully crafted page templates that leverage over a decade’s worth of split tests and analytics. So, even at a meager price of $2 per page, this alone is worth over $2,000.

The thing is, you also get these pages inside of their groundbreaking drag and drop editor. So you can deploy your pages quickly, including our groundbreaking drop zone technology, which allows you to quickly drag files straight from your computer on to the page, never needing to worry about uploading, FTP, or anything like that.

You’ll also get their one-click email sync technology, letting you connect your pages to your autoresponder in just one click, saving you hours of time and frustration from messing with confusing autoresponder codes. Other programs charge you over a hundred dollars for this feature.

You’ll also be granted a license to use Ten Minute Pages to make client sites, and you can charge up to a thousand dollars or more for each Ten Minute Pages-powered site. So, even if you were to sell just one, that’s at least an additional $1,000 in value that Ten Minute Pages is going to give you. You’ll also receive a full year of fanatical customer support where college-educated, trained web designers will be at your beck and call. And so ,at a minimum, this would cost you an additional $50 a month, or $600 to have it for the year, and that’s just the basics.

Since they released Ten Minute Pages, we’ve actually added in some pretty powerful new products in there that take Ten Minute Pages to an entirely new level, turning it into a powerful suite of easy-to-use, high-end tools. For example, we’ve included built-in picture editing, where you literally have the power of a $700-plus Adobe Photoshop built inside of your Ten Minute Pages account, but without the learning curve. Also, you can choose from three easy-to-use image editors that you can access directly inside of your Ten Minute Pages account.

And, speaking of pictures and graphics, we’ve included over 10,000 graphics and files, built into the software that you can choose from. So these are graphics like bullets, buttons, backgrounds, phrases, header designs, scribbles, arrows, doodles, all conveniently built in. We’ve seen graphics packs sold separately at more than a hundred dollars, but you’re going to get this included with your purchase today.

Then, there’s our mobile web toolkit. There are now more mobile devices than there are people on the planet. So it’s no secret that your pages must be mobile-ready. And, because of this, you’ll receive a collection of templates specifically designed for mobile devices. Plus, you’ll also be able to edit these pages with our brand new mobile editor, where using the entire collection of Ten Minute Pages tools, you’ll be able to edit your pages on a simulated mobile device. There are mobile page builders that do half of what this does that sell for over $200.

Then of course, there’s our Facebook power tools, letting you dominate Facebook with specially designed Facebook tools. These are things such as Facebook comments, like buttons, and even Facebook templates that you can access using our easy drag and drop tools.

And, once you’re done creating your Facebook pages, you can actually publish them directly to Facebook right inside of Ten Minute Pages, letting Ten Minute Pages handle everything for you in just one click. Now, separately, competitors sell this as a separate product for up to $297, and those competing products don’t do even half of what Ten Minute Pages does.

Then, of course, there is video. Now, video is everywhere, and it’s a great way to increase your website conversions. The problem has always been that video was really complicated – recording, editing, encoding, uploading, working with embedded codes. See video, as good as it is, is difficult to do, and the tools to do it can cost up to and over $297.

With Ten Minute Pages, you simply drag in your video file – they will even host them for you – or record directly from your webcam or your screen by pressing a button directly on the page. We’ll take care of the hosting, the encoding, everything, under our free hosting options.

Now, speaking of free hosting, once you’re inside of Ten Minute Pages, you’ll be up and running immediately. And, when you publish your pages, by default, they’ll be published live to the web right away. And they’re going to be published to a rock-solid Amazon-backed hosting infrastructure. Now, this is the same infrastructure that companies like Netflix and Spotify trust with their videos and music.

Even the NASDAQ Stock Exchange uses them. And your pages will too, and this will be free. Now, if you’re a heavy user, and you get more than two hundred and fifty unique visitors to your website a month, only then will we ask that you upgrade your hosting account to one of our convenient packages. Now, of course, if you want to bypass them altogether and host the pages yourself, you can easily do that, too, and not pay us any hosting fee.

Webinar power tools. Ten Minute Pages includes specific pages and tools designed to boost attendance to your webinars, allowing you to register visitors to your webinars and to your autoresponder in one step, a problem that you’d have to pay over $100 for standalone tools to solve, but it’s included for you in Ten Minute Pages.

Then, there are also tools that will turbocharge your conversions. For example, exit popups and scarcity countdown timers that can increase your conversion rates by up to thirty percent. Sold separately, exit control and countdown timers will charge over a hundred dollars if you buy third-party scripts. And good luck figuring them out. Ten Minute Pages does it all for you with one click, and it’s included with your purchase.

Finally, there’s membership sites and Evergreen control. Now, this is valued at around a hundred dollars if you purchase these elsewhere, but you can use this plugin that’s going to be included in your account to turn your Ten Minute Pages sites into membership sites. This is going to allow you to lock down your pages, as well as control, exactly, when your visitors or your members see them. This means in addition to membership sites, you can also use this plugin to run Evergreen product launches and promotions.
ten minute pages review

Now, when you add up the value of Ten Minute Pages, that’s over $5,700 of actual value. Now, this isn’t inflated, misguided value, this is actual value that you would pay if you wanted to get these features elsewhere, actual value that will more than pay for itself when you get it. But you won’t be paying $5,700.

Of course, the natural price for this market will be to charge $19.97. And that’s the going rate for most of the products – products that are worth far less in this market. But it’s not going to cost you $19.97 either. It’s not even going to cost you $997, even though Ten Minute Pages is worth at least that.

Ten Minute Pages Starter, Premium and Ultimate Packages and Pricing

The Ten Minute Pages Ultimate Package, if you purchase it today, will cost you just one payment of $497, and you’ll get over $5,700 of value. Now, $497 will allow you to create unlimited websites, and that includes developer rights. And you pay that one time – not monthly, just once. And I promise you that this is the absolute lowest price that we will ever offer this product for.

Now, if you prefer, you can purchase a scaled-down version of Ten Minute Pages for $297. Now, this is our Premium Plan, and, with this plan, you’ll receive all of the standard Ten Minute Pages features. So this is over a thousand page templates with unlimited variations, drag and drop editing, drop zones where you can drop files on the page, the one-click email sync, the WordPress plugin, and a full year of fanatical customer support.

Now, we’re also going to include the built-in picture editors and our video power tools. And you’ll also receive the free light hosting built in. Now, under this plan, you won’t have the license to make client websites, you’re not going to receive the graphics pack, the mobile toolkit, Facebook power tools, webinar power tools, or the conversion toolkit, or the simple membership plugin.

You’re going to need to buy the Ultimate Package for that. But for $297, you’ll get all of the features of Ten Minute Pages, built-in hosting, picture editing, and the video power tools.

Ten Minute Pages Bonuses

Also, if you order during this promotional period, you’re going to receive three valuable bonuses that’s going to be included in your purchase. So the first bonus that you’ll receive is the $97 WordPress plugin I showed you, for free.

This is usually a separate purchase, but it’s included in your order, for free, if you order now. Now, the second bonus you’ll receive with your purchase today is the recordings to a traffic seminar presentation that I gave, where I go over in detail all of the strategies that I use to generate almost a million visitors to two of my websites in less than ninety days.

And the final bonus, and this one is optional, it’s a free thirty-day trial to a powerful traffic and lead generation software that will bring you high-quality prospects to your website on autopilot. Now, they can promise you, if you like what you’ve seen so far in the Ten Minute Pages product, know that this software is the sister product to Ten Minute Pages. So it’s going to bring you scores of traffic to your website, one hundred percent free, all on autopilot, with little to no extra work.

Now this bonus is optional. It’s an optional free thirty-day trial, and you’ll have more details on that after you purchase Ten Minute Pages.

So, with Ten Minute Pages, and like everything else they do, your satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed. So if, within thirty days of your purchase, you don’t absolutely love Ten Minute Pages, there going to insist that you take your money back, and there even going to let you keep all of the pages that you create during your use of the product.

They are absolutely positive that you’ll be so thrilled with your new ability to quickly and easily create and build successful marketing websites that their standing firmly behind this software and my promise, or your money back.

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