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Send Reach, Demographic Auto-responder easy one click opt-in

chuckThis is one of the men behind SendReach his main goal has been to deliver an auto responder that would be able to do exactly what needed to be done in the evolution of email marketing and that is higher deliverability, making it easy for users to opt-in to mailing lists using advanced app scripts that allow for one click sign ups through Facebook or Google, as well as the ability to target you’re mailing community with more targeted and relevant content demographically.

Hard work pays off. Most people would not be able to become a power seller on eBay and generate almost half a millions dollars worth of sales in just a few short months. Then again, Chuck Mullaney is no ordinary person. He realized early in his career that if he were to work hard that his time and effort would be rewarded. It did not happen overnight and there was a lot of trial and error in the process. But Chuck has proven that it is possible to make more money than most people would dream possible by learning and taking that knowledge to move forward.

Chuck started off modestly. He began his career as a mortgage broker, a position that he held for about 12 years. During that time Chuck was intrigued by the Internet and the potential to make money online. He was especially interested in eBay. He figured that if people can make small amounts of money selling off their old junk that there also had to be a way to make larger amounts of money there as well. He decided to try selling information products on the site. As a single father of one he realized that he was taking a risk but he was sure that he could make it work. He was right. By the end of 2004 he had become one of the top sellers on eBay. He has not looked back since.

The power of the Internet does not stop with just eBay. Chuck started to teach classes online, known as webinars. He decided to take his knowledge and share it with other people so that they could learn to make decent money online as well. He has taught over 600 such classes online and countless people have taken what they learned in the webinars and are now making money themselves.

Chuck is known as the “Pajama Executive” because he knows that it is possible to run a successful business yourself from home. He does not have any employees and he keeps the hours that he wants to keep. He is known for his high ranking on eBay and for his outstanding customer service. He is also a mentor to over 1,000 people, many of whom started in one of his webinars. He wants to help other people succeed. He is not a trained speaker but he is a communicator who is able to teach others how to put simple ideas into practice.

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  1. Bob "MAVERICK" Stanford
    3 years ago

    Chuck is a legend in his own time. People would be wise to emulate his approach to business, especially online. I say Kudos to you Chuck.