Send Reach auto responder email marketing revolutionised forever

listanimalHi there my name is Joseph Bison I have been a beta tester for Send reach auto responder service, I cant wait to see what the internet marketing community reaction to Send Reach, if its anything like mine am pretty confident most will be moving from their current auto responder service to move over to List Animals.

I have had the privilege in observing the development of this service and can truly say I was so blown away, I could never go back to traditional email marketing as the platform list animal offered is something that I see as being the future of email marketing.

What I love about Send Reach is how easy it is to navigate within your dashboard it reminds me of an Iphone so easy to use but yet so powerful, the problem I had with my previous auto responders were that I cost me time just to set up an auto responder sequence and on Send Reach I can easily create the code for the opt-in as well as the sequence in minutes.

But what I really like about Sendreach the ability to demographically target you’re emailing community with more relevancy, This in it self is powerful here is my list why

Tracking by gender

Tracking by age

Tracking by country

Tracking by state

To be able to track at this levels means you will be able to monitize your email list effectively with data you receive from your marketing efforts.

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