Opt-in Entry Point Testing

Here we are displaying some examples on entry point opt-in codes, linkedin microsoft/hotmail has just been released today and will be added shortly.

Opt-in Entry Point Test – Experience Send Reach as a Subscriber

When you click on an entry point below you will be redirect to SendReach.com in this example, you will then be sent two emails one today (5 minutes from now) displaying the demographic details that have been gathered as part of this test, if you use the Facebook entry points all data will be gathered and delivered in email 1, if you use the Google entry point email 1 will not have your demographics yet but email 2 (sent 48 hours from now) will have then correlated the connected accounts by then. Give it a go

Facebook Entry Points

Facebook Registration code

Facebook Registration button

Facebook Registration QR Code (This is also available for google)


Google Entry point buttons

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