How To Avoid Email Spam Filters

How To Avoid Email Spam Filters And Get Through To Your Customers

Spam is a tremendous source of annoyance for most of the people online. Because of this, many of the big email providers have come up with systems that are designed to identify those messages that likely fall into this category and to remove them to a special mailbox where there is a good chance that they will never be seen. The problem for honest Internet marketers is that there is a danger that genuine messages that people have requested will trip these filters and cause their messages to be missed. Anyone who wants to maximize their effectiveness in this industry needs to think about how to avoid email spam filters.

How Email Spam Filters Work

Avoiding the filters starts out with thinking about how email spam filters work. These programs typically perform most of their function by analyzing messages as they arrive and assigning them a score that is based on their content and is intended to reflect how likely they are to be spam. Something as simple as using sloppy HTML that was generated by a word processor might be perceived by the filters as a significant sign that the content of the message is probably junk and should not be sent to the normal inbox.

Words That Trigger Spam Filters

When you are putting together your marketing materials, you should always be very conscious of words that trigger spam filters most frequently. A phrase like “once in a lifetime opportunity” might very well be a genuine description of what you have to offer. It is also, unfortunately, used so frequently and excessively in advertising that it is likely to trip the alarms as something that is unlikely to be a desirable message. It is important that you try to make the quality of your marketing messages high and avoid using words and phrases that are commonly associated with high pressure marketing. A lot of talk about an offer being urgent or excessively going on about a money back guarantee can also be red flags.

Keep Your List Clean

You should also take great care to make sure that your messages are only going to people who truly want to receive them. You should never purchase mailing lists from someone else. Instead, it is important to only send messages to people who have deliberately signed up to receive them. You should also make sure that there is a link in the message that is clearly visible and allows people to cancel their subscription, so that they do not feel that they have to report your mail as spam in order to avoid continuing to receive it if they should change their mind.

It is unfortunate that honest people are being impacted by the need to filter out spam, but it is something that you must take into account if you are going to run the most effective marketing campaigns possible. Failing to keep these issues in mind can result in large service providers deciding that they are going to block all email that comes from your domain, rather than continue to try to filter it one piece at a time. It is well worth your time and your effort to make sure that you do whatever it takes to avoid being perceived as a spammer by either the people receiving your messages or the companies who process their email.

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