Optimizepress 2.0 – Five Core Marketing Pillars

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The Five Core Pillars That Can Make The Difference With Your Online Marketing Using Optimizepress 2.0

Core Pillar 1. Appearance makes a difference

Whether you want to create a landing page/squeeze page , a sales page, membership portal, or even a homepage for your business, the stunning pre-made templates help you to create awesome design in minutes. With just a few clicks, you can select, customize, and publish your pages so you’re ready to capture leads, market your product, and deliver your contents.

optimizepress 2 landing pages

When the templates don’t quite fit your requirements, no problem, simply use the drag and drop elements from the live editor to add functionality of features to your page in real time.

Core Pillar 2. Mobile responsive websites

Having fully mobile friendly web pages is the most important thing you need in your business right now. A staggering eighty four percent of US mobile owners have used their mobile devices to shop within the past month. A vast amount of emails we read, web pages we see, or media we interact with is via a mobile device.

There is no doubt about it, every landing page, marketing page, membership area, and content piece has to be mobile-responsive. One of every three minutes spent with digital content is done on a mobile device. With all of this mobile use, having a website that is responsive is becoming a requirement, not an option.

When they started out building the new Optimize Press, they put mobile readiness at the forefront of their development. So every page you create with Optimizepress 2.0 is mobile responsive instantly, with no extra work. Their custom framework means your pages will scale down to iPads, tablets, and mobile phones, meaning no matter what platform your visitors are on, they have a seamless experience. They have taken things a step further. With the live editor options, you can customize which content will be shown to mobile visitors. This is all possible with just a few clicks.

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Core Pillar 3. Technology makes the difference

Challenges and frustrations limit process. The technical aspect of marketing online is what holds back most people. If the truth be told, it has never been easier to showcase and sell your product or service online. You do not need to be an Internet Einstein to successfully connect a profitable market to your solution.

This is a simple process of how money gets made online. You connect your solutions with a hungry audience, so why do most people slip, stall, and fall over they’re landing pages, sales pages, and membership contents? A huge percentage of people fail to achieve success because technology gets in their way. HTML, CSS, APIs, JavaScript, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, File Works, Flash, FTP, and PHP, the list goes on and on.

If you’re limited by technology, then what you can achieve is limited too. With Optimize Press, your technology worries are over. There is no need for code or any technical jargon. If you can point and click your mouse, you can create and edit pages with the Optimizepress 2.0 platform. One of the key things that they wanted to achieve was one hundred percent visual editing.

Optimizepress 2.0 Live Editor

optimizepress 2

The live editor page building system makes this a reality.

Point and click to edit any content on your page, and you can see the page update as soon as you click save.

No more short codes, ugly visual editors, or WordPress edit conflicts.

The unique modular layout system allows you to create almost any layout at the click of a button, and use the element browser to add powerful functionality and design elements to your page.

Now your only limitation is your imagination.

Core Pillar 4. Authority makes the difference

Repeat and referred business rules. Authority is all about the way you share your content, deliver your products, and showcase your services. It is vital you are seen as professional, trustworthy, and reliable. When you release a new sales panel, launch a new landing page, or share a blog post, you need your audience to react.

All web businesses, whether big or small, are about the customer list: the raving fans, the followers, the evangelists. They comment on your content, interact with your services, purchase your products, and share the experience with their communities.

Their data shows the marketers that have customers that repeat buy and refer their products shoot straight to the top of their chosen niche. Combine this with continuity income from a membership platform delivering protected, professional content and products, and you have a winning combination.

So you’re probably thinking authority is for the big boys, the people with deep pockets, design teams, and marketing skills. Well, today with Optimizepress 2.0, this is just not the case. Using a blog is a great way to attract and engage your audience. Now you can create a powerful and high impact blog that is fully customizable to fit your brand image. Their clean, minimal design is perfect for converting your visitors into subscribers for our built-in opt-in form sidebars and conversion elements.

When your subscribers have become customers, it’s paramount that your content is delivered in an easy to use, secure, professional-looking membership portal. With Optimize Press, you can create these membership portals and pages in just a few clicks.

Not only is it that easy, but they look fantastic. You can even secure your content so only your customers get access, instantly raising the perceived value of your product. So now your blogs, membership portals, and marketing pages are all working for you to build your authority and increase your audience.

Core Pillar 5. Time to market makes a difference

Now listen up. The faster and more frequently you get your message in front of your audience, the quicker your business will grow and the greater your incomes will be. Business moves fast, and in the online world, things move at light speed.

If you have a target market you want to capture, you need to get a highly converting landing page in front of them. You need to be able to quickly create and position your message to market with stunning sales pages.

It needs to be effortless for you to maximize your return on your investment and provide secure product delivery and professional membership portals. Whether it is a blog post, landing page, sales page, or membership portal, you have to get your message out there now.

You need to be able to do so quickly, effectively, and without stress and frustration. Taking too long to do something is often the reason it never gets done. Now there is a solution for that.

Optimizepress 2.0 delivers an easy to use customisable professional blog, squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages and membership sites as well as an onsite live editor to help tweak template designs.

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