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Are you looking to simplify business practices? Many companies are doing so as a way to cut business expenses. One easy way to cut back on the time spent on e-mail is to use an autoresponder. What exactly is this and how does it work to benefit you?

What is an Autoresponder?

When people mention email marketing auto responders, what are they talking about? This is nothing more than a software program which sends e-mails automatically on your behalf. You write the e-mails and determine when they need to be sent so the sending of spam and unsolicited e-mails on your behalf is not of concern. The e-mails may be used when a new subscriber signs up for your service or they may be used to alert regular customers to an ongoing promotion.

An autoresponder of this type is of great importance. The more you reach out to your customers, the more likely you are to obtain sales. Did you know that some experts believe you must tell a customer about a promotion or sale seven times before they will actually make a purchase? With an autoresponder, you set up the reminder messages and walk away. They will automatically be taken care of for you at the time you specified. You don’t have to limit the e-mails to promotions or welcome messages either. There are many other uses for a program of this type.

How Does an Autoresponder Work for You?

Many associate an autoresponder with a welcome message as mentioned above, but did you know that technical support departments often make use of programs of this type? An autoresponder is very helpful in letting your customer know that you have received their message and will be contacting them in the near future. This ensures that you don’t have multiple messages from the same customer filling up your e-mail box.

Offer an e-mail course making use of modules. Every week, month or specified period of your choosing, the autoresponder sends the next module in the course. This may be used for a variety of class offerings, ranging from traditional assignments to hints and tips. It’s all a matter of what your customers are looking for and what you wish to offer them.

Why not bring new customers in by offering them a class or two for free? Once they are involved in the class or project, you can then sent them a message encouraging them to sign up for the rest of the paid course. New authors have used this technique with great success in selling books. They hook customers with the first two or three chapters of a book and then encourage readers to pay to read the rest of the book. Do the same with your courses or any e-mails offerings you have available.

When a customer requests more information about your products and services, the autoresponder can automatically respond to the request. It will send fixed information such as a price list, frequently asked questions and more. This frees up your time to focus on actual customer orders and service rather than on routine tasks.

When sending out messages of any type, make sure they offer useful information rather than just a sales pitch. When customers know they will learn something new upon opening your e-mail, they are more likely to do so. Rather than making your product or service the focus of the message, leave the mention until the end of the message. Consumers appreciate this and are more likely to continue to subscribe while also telling friends and family about your site. With proper use of an autoresponder, your business grows and you obtain a nice return on investment.

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