Send Reach Review

send reach reviewIs Send Reach About To Revolutionize Email Marketing?

Want to stay on the leading edge of the email marketing industry, Demographic email marketing ?

My name is Joseph Bison and I would like to share with you what is set to become the future of email marketing.

Your customers eventually get wise to the same old marketing tactics and we need to know how to stay abreast with advancements in the industry.

First before I get in to my Send Reach review, a little about me. Internet Marketing has been my sole focus for the last 6 years. I have spent quite literally 2100 days discovering, researching and testing some of the best software on the planet to help increase my online marketing returns.  I am also specialize in pay per click traffic and many other forms of paid traffic as-well as affiliate marketing and trading indices.

In September last year I was invited to attend a webinar with Chuck Mullaney who was introducing an advanced new autoresponder software that was in its beta testing phase. The product at the time was called List Animal but has since changed its name to Send Reach.

I was so impressed with the team and the product that I have dedicated the last 7 months to beta testing the software. I have subsequently established a relationship with the developers and was granted access to exclusively interview Send Reach’s Lead Developer Jamie Whittingham. You can watch my recorded Skype interview here.

I was so impressed with the power of Send Reach I cancelled my Aweber account as I knew the alternative was going to give me the  targeted results I desired. This was my Aweber alternative I was all in.

aweber alternative

the money is in the listThe money is in the list

“What we will have is from every direction as far as I can see a much more cutting edge, a much more useful, a much more effective tool to build an email list, build a relationship and then monetize the list.”– quote from Chuck Mullaney

We all know that the ability to be able to send targeted email messages can significantly enhance your conversion rates. But this takes time and effort. If you wanted to target specific demographics e.g. If you were buying traffic from facebook, and you wanted to create a specific target from your – you will have to create a separate campaign per group in your autoresponder so that you can target each group separately. The great thing with Send Reach is this is not needed saving you timer and effort.

Quite simply Send Reach is a cut above all other autoresponders on the market. There is no other software available anywhere which allows you to segregate your database. It is a highly intelligent yet easy to use program which enables you to effortlessly target your email subscribers by gender, age, country, state and even city! This is because the design engine behind it pulls in relevant demographics via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, enabling you to have incredibly focused email marketing like never before.

This way you can build trust and relationships by developing your autoresponder or broadcasts sequence specifically targeting demographic groups with relevant content appropriate material, ultimately increasing your conversion rates and registered subscriber relationships.

One Click Opt-in Using Send Reach Entry Points

What struck me most about this product was the ease and functionality of the opt-in apps which allows subscribers to register from just the click of a mouse from Facebook, Google and Hotmail. You also have the option of using traditional email forms as well. There is even a Microsoft/Hotmail LinkedIn app currently in development (Microsoft/Hotmail LinkedIn have now been added within the entry point selection screen) which will soon allow you to target from this very business driven market.

They also have an awesome Go To Webinar registration form which is shown in the Skype video exclusive interview I had with Send Reach’s Lead Developer Jamie Whittingham. You can see how the form allows the user to register for Go To Webinar and adds them to your email list at the same time. This valuable email list can now be offered targeted email marketing with relevant content and products that you know they will be interested in thats relevant to the webinar.

Watch my Skype interview with Send Reach lead developer Jamie Whittingham

If you want to do external marketing, Send Reach even has a QR code generator that lets users connect through their mobile phone using a scanner. This is ideal for when you are running a promotion in your local newspaper for example; people can connect with your brand just by the touch of a button. You will even pull in demographic details along with your database so you will know exactly who your market is.

send reach

Check Out Send Reach Case Study

When you want to move your contacts from your current email autoresponder the Send Reach Database Integration Team will help you import your email list into your Send Reach account. They will also run their software to build upon your imported account by giving you detailed demographic information to help you target your current database. This is at no additional cost, it’s all part of their email list integration service.

Although there is no training included on how to build a list, there are video tutorials in every part of the software to help you get the most out of it. To help you further I am including some incredible FREE bonuses, including that missing information on list building which will help you to maximise your profits. More on that later.

Genius extras

Send Reach also provides excellent reporting on your email marketing effectiveness. The statistics include who, when and which emails were opened as well as which links were clicked on and who clicked on them. You can then optimise your sales and marketing funnel right through to every detail of every follow up email.

When you have prospects that have turned into buyers you can easily have them transferred to a special buyers list. This way you don’t irritate your new customers with inappropriate marketing material and you can send them quality information to build your relationship with them.


- Send Reach Case Study Bonus 

You’re going to learn the most effective way on how to build a list by gaining valuable insights from my case study. This was started in February where I’ve built a list and learned how to increase my ROI with simple techniques using Send Reach entry points that you can use too!

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  1. Serena
    4 years ago

    Hi Joseph, I have newsletter that gets subscribers from all over the world but the problem am having is when ever I do the occasional seasonal offer to my subscribers eg. Mothers day US I am unable to just target USA, unfortunately my whole list of subscribers gets mailed. From what I gather will I be able to target future subscribers by country using the facebook registration form with sendreach’s autoresponder.

    Is the facebook registration plugin as a form of attaining subscribers the only way I can use the country filtering?

  2. Joseph
    4 years ago

    That’s why all autoresponders fail Serena this is a huge problem in regards to marketing products or services regionally, if your marketing offers to different countries send reach’s service is something I would recommend you take a look at as it will help you to manage your marketing more efficiently without having to aggravate your subscribers from other countries as well as making your email marketing more relevant.

    Another added bonus if you are using a standard opt-in form you get country, State and region data as well as name and email with sendreach.

  3. Jerry
    4 years ago

    I have been contemplating purchasing Send Reach’s auto responder service based on there limited life time discount offer, very tempting but the issue that I have been struggling with is what should I do with my current auto responder service (aweber), I have over 7,500 subscribers and 17 campaigns running pretty smoothly but what I am missing and what can improve my business are the one click op tins and demographic targeting as-well as reduce my monthly costs drastically, every little helps :).

    Joseph I am also in two minds wether to purchase the 5,000 or 10,000 user accounts as I am not sure if I can upgrade from 5,000 to 10,000 within the discount period, do you have any information you can share on this.

    If you were me what would you do, please give me your honest opinion. Thank you.

    • Joseph
      4 years ago

      I was fortunate Jerry when I cancelled my Aweber account last year I only had one campaign running and email marketing was not my main priority in that moment in time, I do understand your dilemma and your reluctance to change so depending how profitable you are I would suggest you keep things running the way they are.

      An alternative option I will suggest is to forget about considering a 10,000 sub account at the moment and purchase the 5,000 sub account (you can upgrade to 10,000 sub account at the current price once you have been grandfathered in on the lifetime account) and move one or two of your smaller email campaigns over and test it out so you can get a feel for the platform, if your happy then upgrade and move everything over.

      Whatever you decide to do Jerry make your mind up fast so you can take advantage of Send Reach’s one off lifetime payment offer before they remove it and start offering it as a monthly service, good luck.

  4. George
    4 years ago


    so glad to find your page. if I understand, I can purchase the 1000 subscription and then upgrade to the 10,000 subscription at the grandfathered in price? Also is there a 30 day money back guarantee as I couldn’t find one.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon as you did stack the urgency pretty good,



    • Joseph
      4 years ago

      Hi George, yes you can upgrade at any point in time they offer a 30 day money back offer on the initial purchase

  5. James
    3 years ago

    Quick question, how do I import my exported mailing list to sendreach i cant see the function within my sendreach account.

    • Joseph
      3 years ago

      Its not actually on the sendreach autoresponder dashboard its on your general account dashboard, you need to email support in regards to importing your email subscribers lists.

      You can get to it from your sendreach autoresponder dashboard, as soon as you login to your sendreach autoresponder dashboard go click on the support tab shown on the autoresponder dashboard, that will take you to your general account login use the same details as you would to login to your sendreach autoresponder account, now just go to ticket support and send them your exported list.

  6. Gina
    3 years ago

    Nice article Joseph, I have been marketing using my Facebook business page as it does keep me connected with my customer base but I am interested in email marketing and am intrigued if I can incorporate it to my beauty salon, I am not sure how email marketing would help me although I do see a huge benefit to be able to use Sendreach platform to market to my client base as our products and services are very diverse.

    The only way I can connect directly with my customer base is by SMS which is pretty effective but not personalised, can sendreach Facebook registration data help me to be more effective and connect to my audience, please if possible give me an example.

    Thank you Joseph

    • Joseph
      3 years ago

      With Send Reach you can attach additional fields to cater for phone numbers and targeted SMS below is a segment relevant to setting this up.

      New technology inevitably involves new terminology. The first new term you need to grasp is that here Links, Buttons, Plugins and Web Forms (Optin Form) (all means of a person subscribing to your Lists) some of which will be knew to you, are called Entry Points, all different ways a subscriber can “enter” your Lists.

      Outgoing emails are either Broadcasts (BR’s) or Autoresponses (AR’s). However collectively, when referring to both, we do refer to them as emails. Autoresponses are also set up in our unique way, please see the Menu section ARS for full guidance.

      When someone subscribes to one of your Lists, we gather far more information about them than any other Application. Information such as, City, State, Country, Age, Gender. That is known as “demographic” data, and is gathered by scanning social and other online networks for User’s public profile data. That gives us the unique facility of sending out either BR’s or AR’s based on that data, such as sending a BR to only those in a List living in San Diego, female, under 30 years of age!

      Even when people have subscribed to your List via a Web Form that only requested email address and name, our systems will scan Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MSN and Twitter for demographic data concerning them. So if they use any of those networks, data will be added to their subscriber record.

      SR is able to cater for you adding up to 10 custom fields to a Web Form. You choose the “Label” (the description of the purpose of the field in your web page) and the “Name” (the name identifying the field in the subscriber database) for each field you add.